Here is a new short sale listing I am getting. It is #10 Foxglove. It is not the bankruptcy you were asking about, but you may be able to get it for deal! The last two unit to sell in there were for #12 Broomsedge for $170K and #23 Broomsedge for $176K. On a scale of 1-10, those were probably an 8. 

This unit is deceptive. The place is a huge mess and the carpet was ripped up. It looks like the owner or renters picked up and moved out in the middle of the night. However, the kitchen and baths have been remodeled. If this place was cleaned out and carpet was put down in the 3 BR's and stairwell, this place would look decent. If you add a coat of paint, the place would look great. Basically, new flooring and paint once the place is cleaned out and you have yourself a great place.

This is also an end unit and only a few units down from the one you already own. There is another unit in there at #30 Broomsedge for $189K. I think we are going to list it for $175K (because nobody ever offers full asking price and we have to show the bank we tried to get as much as possible for it). If you are looking for a good deal, I would suggest making an offer. Based on the "Appearance" of this unit and how bad it shows, we might be able to get a good price on it. I would probably start around $145K. If the bank wants more, we can always let them counter us and we can decide how high we want to go at that time. 

Let me know your thoughts either way. I want to give you first shot at it before I list it, but I cannot keep it off the market very long. 



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