Buyers Beware!!!


The full protection of South Carolina Real Estate Law is afforded only if you use a real estate agent working for you as a buyer's agent. It is important that you understand who "your" real estate agent is working for - maybe it isn't you.

We all like to read the real estate ads in the newspaper, magazines, or online. When we see something we like, we are tempted to call the listing agent. But please understand that the listing agent and all other agents from that real estate company are prohibited by law from representing the buyer. They can perform as "disclosed dual agents" (in effect, trying to represent both sides) but, in doing so, they cannot

  • offer an "expert" opinion on the property
  • disclose anything other than material facts affecting the value of the property
  • tell the buyer what comparable properties have sold for
  • counsel the buyer on an offer price or a negotiation strategy
  • suggest terms and conditions that are favorable to the buyer
  • negotiate the contract to the buyer's advantage

That is not the kind of service most people want from "their" real estate agent.


As a buyer's agent, our loyalty is only to you, the buyer. We will maintain your confidentiality, fully inform you on all aspects of any property, and try to obtain for you the best possible price, terms and conditions.


On Hilton Head, a buyer's agent is paid out of the proceeds of the sale, as is the listing agent. There is no additional charge to YOU.


You have our absolute promise that you shall be treated in a professional, ethical, and very friendly manner. Your continued good will is more important than any sale.

If you would like further information, please call me at (843) 338-6345 or send your name, address and telephone number via E-Mail along with a description of the type of property you might be interested in purchasing. In return, we will send you via priority mail a superb information package on the Hilton Head Island real estate market and examples of properties currently on the market which might suit your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. You may wish to PRINT it for future reference.