Great Open House

I had a great open house over the weekend on my $2 million Gascoigne Bluff listing. We had about 45 people come through and I think I may have got some great leads. Sure, we had a few lookers, but I think for the most part, we had some people who are actually interested in buying (assuming they can find the right place).

When I was talking with another agent that had stopped by with a client of theirs, we spoke about the activty that we are seeing in the market. I have been seeing many properties with multiple offers, which is good. I say that it is good because sellers are starting to price their properties well so they will actually move. As more properties sell, then we will get back to the point where property values will at least go back to what they are worth. And once we get there, then we can work on increasing property values. I guess that's one good thing about Real Estate in the Hilton Head Island area, is that so many people want to own property here that we will recover nicely.

Thanks again for stopping by!