Busier days in the Hilton Head Island Real Estate Market

Well, I got another offer yesterday. Things are actually going pretty well in the local Real Estate market. I now have 9 transactions pending. Now we do the whole trying-to-get-them-to-actually-close thing. I guess this is what it feels like to actually be in real estate. Just as an example, here are some issues with my current real estate sales that are posing issues:

On one deal, after losing out on two different homes, my buyers finally find a great house that has been almost completely remodeled. We get the inspection done and what is the 1 major issue we have???? Roof issues! Are you kidding me?? Luckily for us, we have good sellers on the other side. Let's hope that we can get this issue resolved. I think we will.

We have had a few other issues with some properties such as many being short sales, so we have to wait about 6 to 9 weeks just to get a response. Another issue is high humidity in a villa (I think the buyers forgot that they are buying in Hilton Head!). The buyers had a humidy test done on a day when the humidity was 94% with the doors of the villa open. Yes, I think the levels might be a little high when checked under those conditions.

Overall though, based on my speaking with other realtors and seeing the activity that I have both with buyers and sellers, I think that the market is doing pretty well.

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